Make Paths Relative

Make Paths Relative

Make Paths Relative plugin can make(convert) the Absolute Paths (URLs, Script Src, Style src and Image Paths) to be relative. This plugin is useful to use the relative URLs. The given below the list of the permalinks and src can be easily converted to a relative:

  • Post Permalinks
  • Archive Permalinks
  • Author Permalinks
  • Category Permalinks
  • Scripts Paths(src)
  • Styles Paths(src)
  • Image Paths(src)

All the above permalinks and src can be converted to relative instead absolute by using this plugin. You can select the options from the plugin settings page.


You can download Make Paths Relative Plugin from here:


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Requires: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 5.2

Active Installs: 3,000+
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