Post and Taxonomy Filter

Post and Taxonomy Filter is very simple plugin to create a post filter. You just install it and goes his setting page than it is visible in your dashboard menu Post Filter click on it and just select which post type and Taxonomy and other settings you want to apply the filter and save it.

Post and Taxonomy are giving you a shortcode [post_taxonomy_filters] just paste it in any page body.

After Installation you can see a POST Filter link in your dashboard. Click on it.

Basic Setting

  1. Post Type: Select a Post Type Which you want to apply the filter.
  2. Post Taxonomy: Select a Post Taxonomy Which you want to work as a filter.
  3. Theme Setting: Select Filter Show in which position and also select how many posts are shown in one row.
  4. Work Query as Select a Filter Works on Ajax or just jQuery. jQuery just show hide the filter tabs, In Ajax, data will load when you click on filter.

You can download Post and Taxonomy Filter Plugin from here:

Requires: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 5.1

Active Installs: 40+
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